Espionage is designed to work seamlessly with the Finder while staying out of your way, however, sometimes it's necessary to let the user know when something important happened. For this reason Espionage has built-in notifications.

Notifications are tiny "notes" that usually appear in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen. They will automatically disappear after a short delay unless they really require your attention, in which case you can click to dismiss them. They come in three varieties:

  1. Info notifications let you know when Espionage successfully performs an action, for example, when a folder is unlocked:
    Note: You can disable info notifications from the Preferences.
  2. Alert notifications alert you to important events, like when a access attempt was denied:
  3. Critical notifications let you know when something failed:
    We hope you never see these! But if you do you can always contact support.

Growl Support

For those who would prefer to use Growl for notifications, Espionage lets you do just that! Simply go into the notification preferences and click the checkbox to use Growl.